Common Conditions

  • Anna treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including:

    •Acute / chronic neck and back pain
    •Joint and muscle pain
    •Sports injuries, including dance related injuries
    •Ante-natal and post-natal care
    •Foot Biomechanics
    •Post-surgical rehab

Following a thorough assessment involving questions and examination, we will discuss the findings and I will explain the treatment options.  (Please note for an accurate assessment the affected body part will have to be exposed, please dress appropriately.  If you are unsure do not hesitate to ask first.)


  • Anna has experience rehabilitating a variety of post-surgical procedures including:

    •Hip replacement
    •Knee replacement
    •Arthroscopy of the shoulder, knee and hip
    •Female Gilmores groin

Return to Fitness

Returning to fitness after an injury or surgery can be a daunting prospect, and whether recent or not Anna can advise on suitable exercises either in the gym or home based to promote recovery.  Whatever your fitness goals Anna will create individual rehabilitation and fitness plans to suit your needs.


  • Treatments include:

    •Joint mobilisation and manipulation
    •Soft tissue mobilisation and frictions
    •Trigger point release
    •Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)
    •Individualised home exercise programme
    •Provision of aids or splints where required

Anna has a very hands on approach to treatment, using joint and soft tissue mobilisation regularly.  She will also give home exercises / stretches / advice to aid recovery and prevent recurrence where appropriate.  If indicated ultrasound may also be used to promote healing.

Anna also prescribes Pilates particularly in dancers and ante/post natal mothers to aid in core stability.

Mobility Assessment

I can carry out mobility assessments either in the clinic or at your home.